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Hey everyone, Alex here. Been a while since the last time I have made a post in the blog, but today’s MyRestockAlerts update needs some explanation.

As many of you may know we don’t have that much server resources available and sometimes this leads to introduction of some changes and limitations. Today is one of those days when I have to implement some changes to optimize server resource usage.

What is being changed

Starting with today the subscriptions are no longer indefinite. Your subscriptions will automatically become inactive after 30 days or immediately after you’ve been notified about product becoming in stock (depending on what happens earlier). You will also be automatically notified by the bot via direct message if you have inactive subscriptions. You will not receive those notifications unless you allow Direct Messages in privacy settings for MyRestockAlerts server.

Inactive subscriptions can be activated again by visiting product page and pressing subscription reactivation button. Product page has also been updated to show you the date when your subscription becomes inactive.

All current subscriptions are set to become inactive in approximately 3 days after the release of this service update.

In the future the subscription deactivation process might be tuned to better control the usage of server resources.

Another change is removal of the price, stock amount change and out of stock notifications because I don’t really see many people needing those and they make things complicated. All of the stock change statistics are still being stored for the future use.

As a byproduct of the changes listed above I think the issue with the duplicate notifications should be “fixed” now. While this doesn’t fix the actual issue we’re having, the way subscriptions are working now should prevent bot from sending more than a single notification.

If you spot any bugs or other issues with this update feel free to contact me about that.

Some other news you might have missed

Our discord server reached 1000 members!

Seeing that so many people have expressed interest in using MyRestockAlerts feels absolutely incredible! I can’t thank every single one of you enough for helping us in reaching this milestone! 💖

Ko-fi one-time donations and memberships are back

Ko-fi page for MyRestockAlerts is back. If you had issues with boosty you now have an alternative, please consider making a donation if you haven’t done that already. Not only this helps paying for the increasing server hosting costs, but with enough donations I could spend more time working on MyRestockAlerts.

And that’s it!

That’s it for now, thank you for your time. If you have any questions you can reach me via our Discord server or Discord’s direct messages (Alexsey#9211).

Until next time!

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